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The benefits of peels include helping the collagen and elastin of the skin, which are what give the skin its elasticity and strength. The weakening of collagen is what causes wrinkles and aging of the skin. Sun exposure is the main cause of collagen deterioration, as is smoking, stress, environmental toxins, and lifestyle factors. All these increase free radicals in the body, which decrease the skin’s ability to produce new collagen. Chemical peels work by stimulating the body’s healing response by creating a controlled trauma to the skin. They are an excellent way to prevent the deterioration of existing collagen and stimulate new collagen formation!

All our medical-grade chemical peels will also help to revive dull, sluggish skin cells, as well as helping to dry up excess oil and blemishes. Your face will be fresh and rejuvenated, as our peels work to brighten and tighten your skin! Chemical peels remove the outer layers of damaged skin, to reveal the smoother and tighter skin underneath. Some of our peels can even be done as often as every month, while some of our medium depth peels are stronger and should only be done a couple of times throughout the year to keep your skin looking its best.

We have a peel that is Right for You

Everybody’s skin type is different, and no matter what type of skin you have, we have a medical-grade chemical peel to suit you! Our lighter peels include our glycolic acid, and salicylic acid peels, while our medium depth peels include our VI Peels and TCA peel.

Glycolic Acid Peels

If it is your very first time doing a peel, We suggest starting off with a light glycolic peel. This peel is gentle, yet still effective, and best results are seen if the peel is done once a month, for 4-6 months. When doing monthly light peels, this peel can also be in addition to microdermabrasion treatments to help give your skin that extra glow!

If your skin is not on the sensitive side, glycolic peels are a wonderful way to rejuvenate your skin and keep it looking its freshest!

There is virtually no down time with this peel, and you can even come in and get it done during your lunch hour, since this peel, along with our other light peels will only take about 30-45 minutes to apply.

It is a nice and refreshing way to help give your skin a nice beauty boost and pick-me-up!

Salicylic Acid Peels

If your skin is on the oily side, we recommend a salicylic peel. Salicylic acid not only will remove layers of damaged skin, but also penetrates deeper into the skin to reduce excess oil production, clearing up existing blemishes and helping to prevent future outbreaks.

Again, there is virtually no down time, and although you may experience slight redness and tingling, as well as notice some tightness, and dry, flaky areas of the skin, this will quickly go away after a couple days.

Any of these light peels may also be done in addition to your regular facials and/or microdermabrasion treatments to help maximize your rejuvenating results!

Medium Depth Peels

The medium depth peels we offer include our VI Peels which come in different varieties and strengths, and the TCA peel. All our medical-grade medium depth peels offer deeper skin penetration and remove more layers of skin than our lighter peels. Our VI Peel is a powerhouse peel that works to suppress melanogenesis—the production of melanin—at the source while promoting rapid cell turnover for more even and bright skin tone. Resurfacing action reveals brighter, renewed skin for results in 7 days. For this reason, they are especially effective at helping to treat acne scars, hyperpigmentation, and even wrinkles. There is a possibility of greater peeling and redness with this peel, than with the lighter peels, so there may be a chance of a day or two of down time, yet some people experience no downtime. It depends on the sensitivity of your skin.

Skin Concerns with Medium Depth Peels:

  • Sun Damage
  • Melisma
  • UV-Induced Pigmentation
  • Post-Inflammatory
  • Hyperpigmentation (PIH)

VI Peels

VI Peel is a medium-depth chemical peel that penetrates your top layer of skin, called the epidermis, reaching into the dermis underneath. It uses a product trademarked by Vitality Institute Medical Products.

Like other chemical peels, a VI Peel works by exfoliating your skin and stimulating the production of new proteins. The procedure is commonly used to treat signs of aging, improve skin texture, and correct pigmentary issues.

TCA Peels

The deepest medical grade peel we offer is the TCA peel which is comprised of trichloroacetic acid. This peel is a medium to deep intensity peel. For this peel, there will be down time afterwards, so be sure to plan ahead for that. Your skin will darken significantly and then begin peeling off for about 5 days after to reveal fresher, newer skin. No anesthetic is required for this procedure. All of our peels require that you reduce your sun exposure during the week after you get a peel applied, as well as refraining from the use of retin-A, exfoliants, tanning products, and waxing for a week prior and a week after your peel, since this may cause sensitivity.

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