Featured Service: PRX®-T33 Peel

Contoura Medspa now offers PRX®-T33, a skin beautification treatment that involves no peeling, no stinging, no photosensitivity, and no downtime! This advanced bio-revitalizing treatment, safe for all skin types, will promote cellular regeneration to naturally rejuvenate your skin, reduce the signs of aging, and restore a tighter, smoother, and more youthful, glowing skin tone!

PRX®-T33 is a safe and effective treatment involving no needles or down time. Results are often visible as soon as the treatment is completed. The immediate and sustainable airbrushed effect is what makes this treatment so popular! The entire in-office procedure can be completed in less than 30 minutes. No specific downtime is required, and you can return to your normal routine the same day after your treatment.

How PRX®-T33 Works

The patented PRX-T33 formula contains TCA 33%, which is a strong peeling agent for skin rejuvenation. This powerful chemical is combined with hydrogen peroxide, which prevents peeling and frosting of the skin, and kojic acid to enhance brightening of the skin. All these chemical agents work synergistically in the treated areas of your skin as part of an advanced bio-revitalization process.

Hydrogen peroxide protects the top layers of your skin tissue, while enabling the TCA to reach the deeper dermis layers for skin rejuvenation from within. The fibroblast and keratinocyte growth factor receptors are activated at the deep tissue level, triggering a natural healing response.

The old and damaged skin cells are repaired or replaced with new, healthy cells, resulting in a dramatic, noticeable improvement in skin elasticity, texture, and clarity.

PRX ®-T33 Before & After

photo of a man who had PRX®-T33 Peel treatments

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