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Lunchtime Face Lift – Neck and Jowls

No Surgery, No Downtime, Immediate Results, Affordable

The PDO Thread Lift uses dissolvable sutures to tighten, lift, and smooth sagging skin. This process stimulates your body to produce its own collagen.

You will see immediate results. And as the thread dissolves, your body will produce more collagen across 4-6 months resulting in even more improvement. The results last about one and a half to two years depending on your overall health and lifestyle.

There is no real downtime with this procedure.

Our PDO Thread Lift Treatments

All procedures take about 45 minutes for topical numbing cream and then 30-45 minutes for the actual procedure. We also offer ProNox if desired for optimal comfort.

PDO Brow Lift

This treatment focuses on lifting the brow and upper eyelid, achieving a bright eyed, refreshed appearance and can help reduce hooding of the upper eyelid. We typically used 4-6 threads for this procedure.

PDO Neck Lift

Targeting this area helps restore skin laxity and improve overall tone and tightness of skin in the neck and even under the chin. This procedure can take as little as 4 threads, or as many as 8. Every neck is unique and we take great care in performing an initial assessment so see which angles or planes offer the best result and how many threads we will need to achieve the desired result.

PDO Mid-Face Lift

This particular thread treatment focuses on one of the areas of highest concern for clients which include the nasolabial fold and marionette lines of the face (vertical creases around the mouth and chin).

PDO Jaw Line and Jowl Lift

This treatment helps streamline the jaw and help get rid of jowls. This procedure typically uses 4-8 lifting threads.

PDO Nose Lift

This procedure typically uses 1-2 threads for lifting and up to 4 broom threads for smoothing. This procedure can be combined with filler or can be used independently.

PDO Abdominal Lift

Designed for skin laxity and especially great for patients who are in their ideal body mass index weight, but have skin that needs to be lifted. This procedure takes around 6-10 lifting threads along with several small mono threads to achieve optimal results.

PDO Butt Lift

This procedure can help lift, build, or shape the buttocks. It is a great alternative option to implants or when a million squats and lunges aren’t quite getting you the result you desire. Threads can even help reduce cellulite!

PDO Breast Lift

The breast lift uses a combination of lifting and mono threads to help with general contour, décolleté, and perkiness of the breast tissue. Depending on the target areas, a variety of lifting threads and monos are used to achieve desired results.

PDO Knee Lift

The knee lift uses a combination of lifting threads and mono threads to reduce wrinkles above the knee and improve skin tone in the quadriceps area. Typically we use 3-5 lifting threads per knee and several mono threads to achieve this lift.

PDO Arm Lift

This procedure is performed underneath the arm, just above the elbow in the triceps area for complaints of under arm laxity. Similar to the knee, it uses 3-5 lifting threads and several mono threads to achieve results.

PDO Mono Threads

These threads are used in a variety of areas and target wrinkles at rest, large pores, acne scars, and skin hollows to build volume, smooth uneven texture, reduce creping of skin, and improve overall tone. These threads can be used independently or in conjunction with lifting threads. This regenerative collagen boosting technique is a great alternative to filers, as fillers can create a bulky appearance with prolonged use, especially in the lower half of the face.

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